Little Computer Solutions, Inc.  
We provide solutions to your problems.  

Little Computer Solutions, Inc.(LCSI) is a company in good standing and incorporated in the State of Louisiana since April 17, 1998.  LCSI provides Information Technology in the areas of Software Engineering, Network Engineering, System/Software Test and Evaluation, Systems Software Management, Quality Assurance, Analysis, Enterprise Application Resources Systems (ERP), Management, Organization, and Business Improvement Services as well as Enterprise Management.  

Our company took the time to lay a solid foundation by acquiring the necessary certifications to make it easier to do business with Little Computer Solutions, Inc. 

Our company has improved in the following areas; Additional Contracts, Security Capabilities, and Financial Capabilities.

All of our past performances are rated excellent because we take pride in what we do as a company.

LCSI is particularly effective in assessing client support needs, and then assigning Key Staff members, Employees, and Sub-contractor’s with directly related experience and qualifications to satisfy the Statement of Work (SOW). 

Our customers appreciate our abilities to perform Risk Assessments, Developing Schedules and instituting a strong Management Plan on our projects. Our company also has an excellent compensation package in place to promote the retention of our staff.

We include and welcome our customers in the decision making process.  We also encourage participation from our customer's upper management as well.

LCSI satisfies the needs of our customer's, by building the strongest and most effective team. Many tmes we assertively pursue companies that have developed specialty niches, they do something better than anyone else, to become part of our team. In this process our customer is the recipient of best value.

LCSI - DUNNS NUMBER: 02-095-5659


Our company is also located in the Central Contracting Registration (CCR) and our NAICS Codes are:

NAICS Codes:
Primary NAICS Code: 541511
Other NAICS Codes: 511210, 513310, 513390, 514191, 514210, 541330, 541430, 541512, 541513, 541611, 541613, 541614, 541618, 541990

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